When will products and services based on IRAP be available on the market?

The individual components of BIC-IRAP are in the stage of research and development.

If you are interested in a cooperation or in a collaboration for a pilot project, do not hesitate to contact us.

What are the advantages of virtualized network function?

Virtualized network functions enable the operators of BIC-IRAP networks (MISP) to provide a customized solution with a maximum flexibility, scalability and sustainability.

Moreover, the virtualization allows to outsource monitoring, operating and core-network features to data centres. Thus, BIC-IRAP network operators can run several networks from one central data centre.

 This is why the BIC-IRAP system can also be established and operated efficiently in smaller units.

How can an energy efficient network operation with the BIC-IRAP system be obtained?

BIC-IRAP is provided with dynamic control functions for an optimized needs-based adaptation of the transmission power up to the activation or deactivation of individual cells of the entire system. This leads to significant energy savings during low user-traffic.

As parts of the BIC-IRAP system components run as virtual functions in a data centre, energy savings can be realized by demand-driven use of cloud capacities.



What is hotspot 2.0?

The standardized hotspot 2.0 functionality of BIC-IRAP makes a seamless Wireless-LAN-Roaming possible, which is comparable to cellular mobile radio systems. The inconvenient, multistage input of SSID and login details for portals becomes obsolete which reduces the user-efforts to a minimum.

How can a BIC-IRAP system be installed in my building?

A qualified service company will install the BIC-IRAP system based on the BIC-IRAP planning procedure.

The BIC-IRAP system is based on a “one-wire” connection, i.e. the network elements (small cells) are supplied with a combined data and power cable (PoE) as is common in Wireless-LAN networks.

What constitutes the performance of BIC-IRAP?

BIC-IRAP is characterized by 

  • its multi-operator ability, which allows simultaneous provision of services from different mobile operators,
  • the development of energy-efficient multi-mode-Access-Points, which assure high data transmission rates in indoor environments during high user-traffic
  • a high degree of flexibility, which is possible thanks to the use of virtualisation technologies, predication processes and a dynamic network management. 
Who will take care of the connection and operation of the BIC-IRAP network?

The BIC-IRAP network is operated by a Mobile Internet Service Provider (MISP) who is a contractual partner of the building operator, mobile provider and the ISP for the internet connection. The MISP takes care of the provision and maintenance of the network, coordinates all required extensions and adaptations with his contractual partners and provides information on the network utilization as well as quality.


How can the user experience the strengths of BIC-IRAP in the application?

For the end-user BIC-IRAP can provide both services of different telecommunications and internet providers and open Wireless-LAN networks. 

Moreover, BIC-IRAP promises a high-quality user-supply with high data transmission rates and interruption-free connections within the whole complex of buildings.

Is the BIC-IRAP system compatible with existing smartphones and other mobile phones?

BIC-IRAP is compatible with all customary smartphones and mobile phones. To fully benefit from all technical possibilities, the use of modern mobile devices with appropriate LTE and Wireless-LAN functionalities (hotspot 2.0) on the user side is however required.

Through its standardized development approach and a high level of virtualized functionality BIC-IRAP is expandable for future developments and thus a sustainable investment.

Which business models are applicable for BIC-IRAP?

BIC-IRAP clears the way for numerous new business areas, both for providers of commercial hotspot-solutions and for building operators. Hotspot-providers can enlarge their service offers with BIC-IRAP and apply professional solutions for large-scale installations.

For building operators BIC-IRAP offers the chance to increase and maintain the attractiveness of their building. Through the one-network-one-contact-approach it is clear at every time who to contact in case of disruption, maintenance and extension requests.